Different Dating Values

People who date each other are not always looking for the same thing, and they may have very different dating values. Some people only want someone to keep them company when it comes to socializing, and others are looking for someone to marry. Their differences could be what attract them to each other, but it can also cause a great deal of stress in their relationship. Being able to compromise on their values could keep them together, but it could also drive them away from each other. Learning how to cope with what their partner needs could be the best way to keep their relationship while satisfying their own needs.

Happiness for Both

The point of dating someone is to enjoy time together, and happiness for both people should be an important goal. If one person is looking for love and marriage, they must feel the person they are dating might eventually want the same thing. Suddenly discovering that is not a goal at all could devastate them, and it will tend to terminate the relationship. Honesty about what a potential partner is seeking is a good way to figure out whether or not they want to achieve the same outcome is one way to avoid this type of issue, and it should be addressed before they become emotionally entangled.

Just Friends

Some people are not interested in the work it takes to maintain a long term relationship, but they do want to date others. Their lack of interest in a permanent commitment such as marriage does not necessarily mean they are unwilling to invest a lot of time and effort into a relationship, so asking them to define what they really want could be a good idea. Dumping them the minute they say they do not want marriage could work out well, but it might also be the wrong decision. When someone says they want to be just friends, they could be signalling they are simply not ready to make a commitment yet.

Meeting Personal Needs

The differing values of daters could result in one partner believing they should not engage in physical intimacy unless the relationship is a committed one, so it could leave the other person feeling their needs are not being satisfied. Some of them might simply end the relationship, but others will find ways of meeting personal needs outside the relationship. For those seeking physical intimacy only, Boz Guide offers a listing of fuck buddy websites where a partner can be found for only that part of the relationship that is missing. There is nothing wring with finding fuck buddies to have fun with and one shouldn't be ashamed.

There are many ways two people will compromise to keep a relationship going, but it is important for them to know what they face as soon as possible. Those who are honest about what they want can generally count on their partner being open about what they want too. For those who feel they have needs the relationship is not going to satisfy, there are alternatives that should be explored before breaking up what could turn out to be a lifetime relationship.